PM Podcast – S4E2 – Where does the motor go?

As promised, the super weird looking Ares Amoeba we talk about:

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PM Podcast – S4E1 – A Wild Episode Appeared!


We’re back! It’s been a long unintentional break, but summer is well and truly here, and we have lots of stuff to talk about!

And yes, I talk about the new Ares Sniper way to much in this episode. Whatever. I think it’s cool.

A chat with 6mm Valor

6mm Valor logoLast night I had the pleasure of chatting with one (possibly more) of the members of the 6mm Valor selection committee. For those of you who aren’t aware, 6mm Valor is a community award intended to recognize the members of the airsoft community who help it to grow and make it a better place. The committee is made up of twelve members from across the United States and Canada. The members of the committee prefer to remain anonymous in order to keep the focus on the award and its recipients rather than on themselves. Without any further ado, let’s get down to the interview. … Keep Reading

Pneumatic Musketeer’s Year in Review

It’s been one year since Chris and I launched Pneumatic Musketeers, and we’d like to give a little update on where we are, and some fun stats.

Podcasts and interviews released: 36
Total downloads/listens (this number is a bit low; our reports bugged out a few times): 1,350
Our post popular episode was S2E8 – Milsim Central with 151 downloads.

Total website hits: 11,247
Hits from Organic search: 6,948
Most popular article on our site: TM AA-12 Shotgun with 4,724 hits, 3,345 coming from google.
Most of our viewers are on Chrome running Windows, but a solid 53% of our content was accessed via a Smartphone. And 4 people used an Xbox. We’re not sure how.

We’ve gone from two to eight members on the team, and during the year became Airsoft C3 Ambassadors, which we are still very excited about.

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Wolverine Airsoft BOLT now available for pre-order

The Wolverine Airsoft BOLT system is available for pre-order as of today, coming in at $275 for the BOLT, with an optional $50 addition of a custom modified cylinder setup that is designed to allow a easier install. Expected release is in July of this year.

Wolverine Airsoft BOLT Price and Release Poster

The BOLT features a highly innovative air saving design which allows for proper voluming of the barrel without needing an FCU, and enables up to twice the amount of shots compared to similar systems on the market, even while shooting at higher J ratings.

We here at PM are definitely interested in seeing how this preforms in real world tests; the technology Rich talked about in the video we included below is something Morghan has been messing with, and by his estimates, the BOLT should be an extremely solid performer that is incredibly quiet and air efficient to boot.

We’ll do our best to keep this page updated, but for the latest information, check out the Wolverine Airsoft BOLT product page.

Check out Wolverines “What the tech” video below to find out the specifics on Wolverines Patented “Air Saver Technology”:
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Ballahack Airsoft G&G Armament Day AAR

This past weekend I travelled down to Virginia with Frye and Small Frye for G&G Day at Ballahack Airsoft, which is arguably the best field in the US. When we were heading down on Thursday night, the weather looked like it would rain lightly for the first hour or two of the day before clearing up. To say that wasn’t the case would be a bit of an understatement. Parts of the field were nearly waist-deep in water. I was surprised to see that the rain didn’t put a damper on anyone’s spirits, with pretty much everyone doing their best to play through the rain, though most people were taking a lot of breaks because of foggy eyepro. What impressed me the most was just how friendly in general the community was.
Because of the rain I didn’t play nearly as much as I would have liked, maybe three or so hours, but the gameplay was just so excellent that it was still well worth the trip. The day started off with two simple force on force, team deathmatch-style games confined to the urban section of the field, with the teams swapping spawns at the end of the first game. The next game was an attack and defend/VIP defense-type game in which I played on the attacking force. I played part of that game before fogging and a wet inner barrel made it difficult to continue playing, so I stepped off the field, missing the end of the game and the longer scenario game that followed. After the lunch break came the most memorable game, a masterpiece known as Chaos. For those who haven’t experienced the game, everyone is broken up into groups of 10-15 people. Each group is told to come up with a call/response code for IFF purposes and is then sent to a different location on the field. When you get hit, you join the group of whatever player medics you back in by tapping you once per second for a minute. My group, code “mouth/guard” (That one is entirely Frye’s fault) was sent to the ruined building at the base of the tower in the city. We held our own for a little bit before getting sandwiched between hostile groups: one raining down plastic from four stories above in the tower and the other on the outskirts of the city. We eventually were overrun by a group, code “moon/cricket”. After that the group grew and grew for quite a while, holding 1/3 to 1/2 of the city. Just as it seemed like we might win Chaos, our group was hit with a quick assault by team “hot/pocket.” Much of our new team moved across the street in order to overtake a group in the Escher building, during which time Frye and I pulled rear security. Once it was clear we held the whole city, the majority of our group moved to the pond. While most of our group pushed up the near side of the pond to try and take out a group holed up in the corner of the field, I went around the other side with a much smaller group in order to capture a few stragglers who were hiding in the swamp. Nothing like going almost up to your waist in dirty water to medic a dead player :P. Around this time the game was called and team Hot Pocket was declared the winner.

-Awesome gameplay and attitudes by everyone involved
-Absolutely zero hit calling issues
-Wonderful staff
-Games were awesome
-Field is excellently laid out and sets the stage for some really interesting combat
-Less than great weather led to flooding of the field in spots and made everything muddy
-Didn’t get to play quite as much as I would have liked
-Did I mention there was mud EVERYWHERE? This made it hard to get traction in a lot of places
-Meeting and getting interviewed by Thumpy regarding Airsoft C3 and what I do as an Ambassador
-Having Jet and Novritsch ask us to stick around and hang out a bit after people left so we could talk more about H.3476 and the RSSA
-Getting photos with my little brother’s two favorite YouTubers (I’m really gonna milk that one :P)
-Shooting Novritsch…getting interviewed by Frye

I’m going to edit this when I get home with a little more detail in places but I figured I’ll get this posted now.

Wolverine announces Spring 2016 lineup

Today, Wolverine Airsoft announced two new products as part of their Spring 2016 lineup: the Wraith and the Bolt. The Wraith is a CO2 stock that uses standard 12 gram cartridges of CO2 to get rid of the need for a line, tank and regulator. It features a proprietary quick lock cap for rapid CO2 cartridge changes and has a stated efficiency of roughly 200 shots per cartridge. The Bolt is an HPA conversion kit that replaces the stock bolt in a VSR-10-style rifle. It requires no FCU and is compatible with the Wraith for a fully self-contained system. We’ll be updating this article with more details as they come out.

Wraith teaser
Bolt teaser

PM Podcast – S3E3 – Boogie Board Airsofting

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GMRGear Gen2 MiniMAP First Impressions

GMR Supporter Patch
GMRGear Stickers
Individual First Aid Pouch
Modular Velcro divider panel
2x compression straps
4x clips for compression straps
4x lengths of 550 cord
4x pieces of heatshrink tubing

By now the GMRGear MiniMAP has a bit of a reputation in the airsofting community as a desirable yet rather hard to come by piece of kit. After looking at a number of MAPs and similar MOLLE-mounted packs, I decided I was interested in getting a GMRGear MiniMAP when the next batch came out, which at the time was rumored to be in November. Eventually it was announced that a small number of “enhanced” models would be released in January. I managed to get my hands on one, and it came in on
Saturday. This article is intended solely to showcase my first impressions and initial thoughts on the MiniMAP, with a full review coming in a few months after I’ve really put it through its paces. … Keep Reading

PM Podcast – S3E2 – Rusty hunk of Steel

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